electrospun fiber meshes

ARTIPORE offers various types of electrospun fiber products produced through own advanced electrospinning processes. In particular, it provides a multi-layered nano- and microfiber mesh products as well as traditional nanofibers and microfibers with various applications. In particular, ARTIPORE's electrospun fiber mesh products have improved rigidity compared to conventional products, providing high ease of use.


  • Bi-layer structure of nano- and microfibers
  • Selective use of nanofibers and microfibers by layer


  • Large pore size and high rigidity of microfibers
  • Utilization as hydrogel support


  • Traditional nanofiber mesh with high quality consistency
  • Nanofibers for cell support
  • Production according to special order

Electrospun fibers with a 3D-printed frame

ARTIPORE holds Korean and international patents for nanofiber-frame combination structures to overcome the disadvantages and limitations of nanofibers: low stiffness and agglomeration when wet. ARTIPORE offers a variety of products based on this scheme. Furthermore, the technology is applied not only to nanofibers but also to materials with various porosity and flexibility, such as porous membranes.


  • Small frame-fiber products corresponding to standard well plates
  • Various electrospun fiber arrangement/diameter/thickness
  • Various frame patterns


  • Frame-fiber products that can be cut and used depending on the user's experimental conditions and environment
  • Various electrospun fiber arrangement/diameter/thickness
  • Various frame patterns


  • Frame-fiber products to present new experimental methods
  • Coming soon

Decomposable permeable membrane support

ARTIPORE developed a well plate insert product using various porous thin films including nanofibers. It offers innovative products that overcome the limitations of traditional well plate insert products and enable various experiments.


  • New product with decomposable porous thin film and support
  • Coming soon