Another choice for ex-vivo 3D cell culture
Nano- and microfiber two-layered bio-compatible/absorbable fibrous mesh/substrate for 3D cell culture


ARTIPORE BILAMINATE is a free-standing (without additional substrate) 3D cell culture support composed of biocompatible nanofibers and microfibers in layers.

BILAMINATE with layered nano and microfibers can provide authentic beneficial effects to 3D cell culture and exhibits improved easy-to-handle property in a cell culture environment. Moreover, BILAMINATE offers new functionality in various 3D cell culture experiments due to its authentic layered fiber structure with Janus properties.

Features of BILAMINATE

  • 3D structure similar to human extracellular matrix (ECM)

  • Uniform thickness and fiber density

  • Ideal and beneficial combination of nanofibers and microfibers

  • Enhanced stiffness and easier handling compared with existing nanofibers

  • Economical product that can be cut to desired sizes and shapes for particular uses

  • Layered structure suitable for single and co-culture with two or more cell type

BILAMINATE cross section


  • Various cell culture and tests with normal/disease/stem cells

  • Basic experiments for tissue engineering and cell therapy

  • applicable to various bio-chips applications

NIH3T3 cells on Nanofiber

HepG2 cells on Microfibers

C2C12 cells on Nanofibers


  • Material: Polycaprolactone (PCL)

  • Dimension: about 84x84mm2

  • Fiber diameter:

-Microfibers: 5.7 ± 1.2 microns

-Nanofibers: 770 ± 77 nm

  • Orientation: Nanofibers (aligned or unaligned), Microfibers (unaligned)

  • Fiber type/Thickness:

-Unaligned (Nanofibers) : 30 ± 7.5 microns

-Unaligned (Microfibers) : 40 ± 10 microns or 60 ± 15 microns

-Aligned (Nanofibers) : 12 ± 3 microns

  • Sterilized with UV radiation

  • Surface treatment(O2 plasma) for hydrophilicity (optional)

For other details and usage, please refer to the related information below.

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