Answers to frequently asked questions 

What types of cell tests are possible?

To date, cells representing all basic tissues have been successfully cultured, and experiments with more types of cells are ongoing.

What material is it made of?

Our standard product is made of polycaprolactone (PCL), a biodegradable polymer. However, it is possible to manufacture products using various materials according to the customer's needs.

※ For special orders, orders are processed after individual consultation, so please request a separate quotation.

Can the product be reused? 

No, all products are disposable. 

Is the product packaged in sterile conditions?

Yes. All products are supplied sterile and ready to use.

How do I store the remaining products after use?

After putting it in the packaging case, please store it at low temperature (refrigerator, freezer, quick freezer).

※ Be careful of moisture when reusing after low temperature storage.

Is the product chemically stable?

Yes. PCL is a very stable material. However, some chemicals, such as acetone, or xylene, can cause fibrous deformation.

Is another type of sterilization possible?

※ Sterilization is possible according to the user's own protocol, but autoclaving is not possible.

Should the remaining fibers be sterilized separately when reused?

No. It has already been sold sterilized, and because ethanol is used to separate fibers, it has a sterilization effect, so no other sterilization is required.