A new dimension of electrospun fibers for three-dimensional cell culture

Sheet-type, fully free-standing fibers with 3D printed frame


FrameSHEET is a new dimension of electrospun fibers for 3D cell culture with maximized handling convenience. The 3D printing frame applied to the electrospinning fibers provides fully free-standing without sagging, agglomeration or rolling the fibers, and maintaining its shape during culture, allowing independent use without a separate support structure for the fibers. In particular, FrameSHEET is an affordable product designed to cut into desired sizes and shapes according to experimental conditions.

Features of FrameSHEET

  • Unique structure of electrospun fibers combined with 3D printing frame

  • Fully free-standing electrospun fibers enhanced mechanical rigidity using the 3D printing frame

  • Complete shape retention during culture in medium

  • Corresponding to standard culture containers (24, 48, 96 well plates)

  • Choice of different fiber shapes (alignment, diameter, and thickness) combinations

    • Aligned or unaligned fibers
    • Nanofibers and microfibers
    • Ultra thin film (18 microns or less) and thin film (30 to 60 microns) mesh
  • Providing a 3D environment with structures similar to the extracellular matrix (ECM) of human body

  • Biocompatible biodegradable PCL materials fibers and frames

  • Excellent quality consistency with uniform thickness and fiber diameter control

  • Affordable product cut into desired sizes and shapes for particular uses


  • Porous support for cell-laden hydrogel (in 3D cell culture)

  • 3D cell culture/tests using various normal/disease/stem cells

  • In-vitro experiments for tissue engineering and cell therapy


  • Material: Polycaprolactone (PCL)

  • Dimension: About 80 × 80 mm2

  • Fiber diameter:

-Microfibers : 5.7 ± 1.2 microns

-Nanofibers : 770 ± 77 nm

  • Fiber alignment: aligned or unaligned

  • Fiber type/thickness:

-Unaligned (Nanofibers) : 30 ± 7.5 microns or 60 ± 15 microns

-Unaligned (Microfibers) : 18 ± 4.5 microns

-Aligned (Nanofibers) : 12 ± 3 microns

-Aligned (Microfibers) : 18 ± 4.5 microns

  • Frame patterns: grid, concentric pattern or customized patterns (special order only)

  • Sterilized with UV radiation

  • Surface treatment(O2 plasma) for hydrophilicity

For other details and usage, please refer to the related information below.

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