Biocompatible/absorbable porous nanofiber meshes
Conventional support/substrate for 3D cell culture or hydrogel


NanoFIBERS are traditionally one of the most representative three-dimensional cell culture supports because of their high porosity and structural similarity to the extracellular matrix in the human body. Artipore's NanoFIBERS is a product with improved quality consistency and ease of use compared to traditional nanofibers. NanoFIBERS can be applied to the experiments for 3D culture of various cells, hydrogel, and microbial culture.

Features of NanoFIBERS

  • Excellent quality consistency; high uniformity in fiber diameter, thickness, and density

  • Suitable for use as a cell support under 3D environment

  • Applicable as a hydrogel support

  • Affordable products cut into desired sizes and shapes


  • Various cell culture and tests with normal/disease/stem cells

  • Porous support for cell-laden hydrogel (in 3D cell culture)

  • In vitro experiments for tissue engineering and cell therapy

  • Various bio-chips applications

NIH3T3 cells on Nanofibers

C2C12 cells on Nanofibers


  • Material: Polycaprolactone (PCL)

  • Dimension: About 84 x 84 mm2

  • Fiber diameter: 770 ± 77 nm

  • Fiber alignment: Unaligned

  • Thickness: 30 ± 7.5 microns or 60 ± 15 microns

  • Sterilized with UV radiation

  • Surface treatment(O2 plasma) for hydrophilicity (optional)

For other details and usage, please refer to the related information below.

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